Inspiring Our Youth of America with Travis Angry

The Change Youth Project is the official podcast for my national youth movement to help young people across America to reach their full potential, handle emotional situations with care, honesty and respect. We will also address the issues facing our youth culture, and will allow my podcast to be a positive forum of discussion for hearing our young people’s hearts. Many of the issues facing our young people are poor leadership, drop-out rates, and teen pregnancy, just to name the few. We will also discuss the positive aspects of our young people such as graduating from college, overcoming negative situations, helping out friends in need, and joining forces together to impact lives. Our first series will be titled, “Inspiring Our Youth of America”, and with this series, I will discuss the many issues I faced as a directionless teen, and give our kids a detailed look at what I did and experienced while overcoming the issues I faced.

The Inspiring Our Youth of America Series, will begin this Summer of 2020. To inspire a life is to share your story. Join me by signing up for the official launch of the Change Youth Project Podcast. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks. Thank you!