Change Youth Project


The Change Youth Team is the newest addition to the Change Youth Project©. The team consists of the speaker Travis Angry, Dayzsha Lei and DJ Special K, a well-recognized rising star DJ in the Southwest and featured DJ on radio station 101.5. Each of these members brings excitement to the stage that keeps all audiences engaged and listening to amazing music, singing, and Travis Angry’s incredible story. The team travels to high schools and colleges and will be the featured act of the Change Youth Experience Show during the Change Youth Conference & Expo 2019. The team has already performed together at high schools and has created a social media buzz. They will continue to develop their brand and platform as one of the top up and coming performing groups in the nation to inspire the youth of America through entertainment, dynamic performances, and messages. This team has the potential to reach thousands of youth through the Change Youth Project©.

Change Youth Pledge

I acknowledge myself as a valuable individual who needs positive change. I pledge to look within myself and Change for the better. In doing so, I will strive to help others around me—while inspiring them, too, to Change for the better. Change: If I Can, You Can®.