• October 29, 2020

The Hero I Once Knew

The Hero I Once Knew

The HERO I Once Knew

He was the one who I followed, he was the one who I listened to, he was the one who I studied and he was the one who inspired me to join the Republican Party. Being a conservative black American in our society was a challenge, but my mentor Herman Cain, was the godfather of being a strong black conservative. When I first met Mr. Cain, I knew him as the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, but he was also the presidential candidate running for office in 2012. His words to me were like my late father speaking to me, guiding me. I remember when I first met Mr. Cain at Fleming’s restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. They took me to a back room where we had a private conservation. I told him that my late father had passed away and the look on his face when I told him gave me comfort. Our conversation was incredible from beginning to end. He never told me what to do. He just challenged my thought process, which ended up changing my life.

I was a young Christian man who did not know my value or purpose in life. He helped me to see the light, that it was ok for me to think for myself and that my values started with my faith in God, and that the Constitution meant freedom for all Americans. Herman Cain was the solid rock I was needing to lean on and so lean on him I did. Now, as I model my campaign, it is taken from the study guide of managing my campaign like a business, surrounding myself with talented people, both young and old and in between. After our wonderful private conversation, I was invited to hear him speak at a major rally for his presidential campaign at the Phoenix Convention Center and Lori Klein, who was the Arizona Lead for his campaign, gave me a copy of his book. So I went home and read his entire book and I was sold. I wanted to know more, so I would watch him on Fox News, listen to his radio shows, and I was following his social media page. I studied hard to learn about his thinking, his values, his words, his political positions, including his famous economic plan called the 9-9-9 Economic Growth Plan.

As I began preparation to launch my campaign, I went back to the book I had written titled “Change: If I Can, You Can.” In my book, I wrote these words below about my mentor Herman Cain”

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These are the words that led me into this political journey. It started with finding a mentor, who inspired me to bring out the best in myself. I dedicate my political journey to the man who helped me start on this new path, because of his teachings, his speeches, his radio show and his book. I found the light and I plan on winning in LIFE! As Herman Cain is now resting in peace, I miss hearing his voice. I was incredibly quiet when I heard the news. I disconnected from the world and went into solitude and I discovered the passion I needed to take the torch Herman Cain gave us all, to carry that torch to serve my nation once again and serve with honor. To the entire Cain Family, we have not met yet, but thank you for sharing Herman Cain with us all. We love you and miss him dearly. God Bless His Resting Soul and God Bless Our United States of America.

“Herman Cain, wisdom is the soul of greatness, you were the best, and I plan to be the best in what I do in remembrance of you.”

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