• November 18, 2018

Angry at Life

Angry at Life

A Life Without Discipline is a Life Without Success

In life, everyone experiences ups and downs. However, it should not be the challenges of life that define us. The defining moments are how we stand and face life’s obstacles, overcome them, and continue with the life we have been blessed with.  “Angry at Life” takes the viewer into a world of adversity and hope. From a decision to drop out of school, a long battle with cancer, and a failed marriage, I have indeed endured many hardships through life. Through those feelings of anger, I have reaped everything I have sown. I have utilized those negative circumstances and emotions to generate positives in my life. By altering my thinking process, taking action, and evaluating my choices, I became aware of a new beginning for me. I look around and see our culture is divided.  I see individuals struggling as if in the middle of a deep river; lost and sinking and unsure which direction to swim. As I sat in my hospital room, undergoing chemo therapy, I found myself with time to think, and think, I did.  I considered my circumstances and how best to make a powerful impact to others by overcoming cancer not once or twice, but a three time champion of life!

I have been reluctant to discuss my bouts with cancer. Many times when you discuss a serious challenge, others can come under the impression you are trying to make it about yourself. I knew though, that I had to find a way to take what could be misconstrued as a selfish action and accept the responsibility of sharing my story to encourage others and make a positive impact on lives. I had to ask myself, “What impact am I making in my own life? What inspires ME to be great?” “Angry at Life” is not about being angry. “Angry at Life” is about the right to be angry. It is about not allowing anger to be a defining factor in who you are as a human being, but allowing your actions to exemplify an overcoming of hard issues that generated the anger to begin with.

I often post about leadership and the qualities which define a great leader.  At times we tend to forget leaders are not perfect and dismiss the idea leaders can become angry. My experience in the United States Army showed me even the best leaders express anger. They did not however, let their feelings interfere with the respect they gave those serving under them. These leaders, whom I had much respect for, instead used their position of authority to instill the best out of their soldiers. One of the greatest leaders I followed throughout high school was Indiana University coach, Bobby Knight. I found him to be a phenomenal leader who coached with passion throughout his entire career.


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I have always been a very passionate man and have admittedly let my emotions get the better of me. I knew though, to be a great leader, I would need to become a great follower and student of other great leaders. To achieve success at managing my emotions, I would need to truly listen to others and learn.  Listening is learning and learning is empowerment. “Angry at Life” is the starting point, but definitely not the end. The film shows at the end of the tunnel is an enlightened man with a great heart who is passionate about LIFE, STRIVES for GREATNESS and is excited about the path he has redirected himself to carve. The “Angry” man is not who he has been. He has become known to himself as a Christian, Father, Veteran, Survivor, Author, and Youth Advocate/Inspirational Speaker. Who he is, is not who he was and the man he has become is what drives him to rise above the man who was “Angry at Life.



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