• April 9, 2018

Striving for Greatness

Striving for Greatness

Next month, students across the country from middle and high schools to colleges will be walking across stages receiving their diplomas and college degrees. What an amazing achievement of higher learning! The value of the degree is not only in the hard work that these students put into their studies, but also in incredible knowledge. The value in education is that the educated man and woman have indeed positioned themselves for success. You should never stop learning and you always have an opportunity to develop greatness through the journey of your life. All it takes is making the right decision and sticking to it. One of the best things our youth can do for themselves is to be part of something greater than themselves, whether it is volunteering in the local community, serving at a local church or joining a sports club. But most important is communicating. I think when it comes down to the foundations of learning, reading and writing both play major parts in our lives.

I can remember the day I made the commitment to start back school, I had dropped out of school and I was a directionless youth with no discipline or structure. I needed leadership to help guide me to the right path. I made the decision to return to school and to finish my high school diploma. I was lacking confidence in myself, and I needed to find that belief within myself that I could graduate. No one could tell me, because I was not listening to anyone at the time. It took a self-intervention for me to discover my hidden talents, and that I was smart. I shocked myself and I went after greatness. I wanted to be good, I wanted to be someone special, I wanted the best for my kids and I wanted to be a leader, and so I enrolled in college at the University of Phoenix. I completed my first class and I knew then, that I could complete my degree. I had the number one weapon now and that was self-confidence and I ran with it like I was at a track meet, and I ran to all my classes with joy and happiness. I wanted to give my educational goal another weapon, and that was positive thinking. I did not want to give the negative any play, but only to acknowledge it, and that I did. How do you overcome obstacles in your life? I choose the positive over the negative by embracing the negative feelings with positive feelings, and success has come my way, ever since.


“The value in education is that the educated man and woman have indeed positioned themselves for success. ”


Striving For Greatness means going after your full potential to achieve success beyond the lights of the world. In sports, you see it in our athletes like NBA Basketball Star Lebron James, you see it in the political arena like with President Donald J. Trump, and you see it in our local communities like the Governor of the Great State of Arizona, Doug Ducey. Leadership is not hard to locate. You can find leadership when you choose to be inspired. Leadership isn’t about just words it is about the knowledge you gain through educational excellence that inspires the mind to Strive For Greatness! Graduation is the first step, succeeding is the final step. The in-betweens are the hard work, and the desire to go after your dreams. Persevere in knocking down doors, overcoming obstacles and challenges, and gaining the will to finish strong. You can do it, do not stop, keep going the finish line is in sight. NOW WIN!

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