• April 5, 2018

The Life of Single Parenting

The Life of Single Parenting

A parallel of parenting is found in God‘s heart in bringing about His creation. Seeing and holding your child for the first time is one of the most powerful moments in life‘s journey. You can see human value in the developmental stages, in the happy or tough times of life. The parent is the leader, guardian, authoritarian, and is the centerpiece of love within their children’s lives. I first had this experienced when I first saw and held my son, DeVante Gordon Angry. I was in my Army uniform on Fort Carson Army Base in Colorado Springs, CO. When I held my son, I made a promise that I would raise my son to be a Man of Honor. I made that promise to myself during a tough period. When I first saw my daughter, Tatiyana Isabel Angry with her mom, who I met as a single mom at the Seattle International Airport, Tatiyana’s look of beauty filled my soul from head to toe. I saw my little princess and I saw the light of gold, and I made a promise, that I would be the most loving and courageous dad and show her the value of a man through my example as a dad. These are the two biggest commitments of my life. My kids are my life. I lead them every day to be Christian loving kids with hearts of gold. So how does one find himself in the life of a single parent? I say life happens, and decisions are made in tough times that create the single parent. 

I love being a single parent.   Raising both of my kids by myself for the past 9 years has been the best gift of life for me. It has taught me a lot, made me become wiser and made me become a man and not act like a boy. I was scared at first, when I first became a single parent. I did not know what to do with my daughter. I had never taken care of a little girl before. But she helped me out a lot because she was a Daddy‘s Little Girl. Everywhere I went, she followed me. Being a single parent has had its challenges in a lot of areas, and you do not want to place the burden of your kids on others. You want to be your kids Super Woman or Superman.


“My kids are my life. I raise them every day to be Christian loving kids…”


I can remember when my daughter started kindergarten and I saw her walk up and get in line. This Big Fella almost lost it! From then on I made sure every single day I was there to greet her when she came out of school at 3:00 pm. The same thing went for my son. They always see Daddy, because they know if there is any trouble, Daddy will be there, and being there is half of the journey. Staying there is the completion of the journey. I never allow myself to create excuses on why being a single parent is hard. I choose to fight through the negative, to show my kids the positives of life. Yes, we will deal with the negative, but we choose to be positive so that we can survive and move forward in life. 


I meet a lot of single parents every day, but I recently met this amazing single parent, and it is incredible to see her parenting her kids. Everyday I feel inspired. That is also what life is all about, inspiring each other, giving each other hope, and challenging each other to get better at life. This single mom is raising two incredibly smart kids who are doing well in school, making the honor roll, and just being happy-go-lucky kids, as she works full-time. She never applies excuses to her journey, but she is striving for greatness. She loves cooking for her kids, she knows their favorite meals and she knows what makes them sad and happy. This single mom has more joy than most married couples who are co-parenting together. Like me, she wants her kids to become great human beings and citizens of our great country. 


As a single parent, I like creating a game plan for success. I make sure my kids have all the resources they need to help in the process of their development, from going to our church at Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV), (they have incredibly awesome friends at their kids and junior high ministries programs and my kids love it.  They made friends, and last but not least, they love going to church camp at the Annual CCV Kids and Junior High Camps), to also keeping them busy in sports, which is also good for their development. Placing them at charter schools like Happy Valley School and Basis Goodyear has also been a great partnership from an educational perspectivebecause they are challenged and empowered to do great things in the classroom.This is half of the game plan, but the main part of the game planas single parent is making sure you, the parent, are succeeding in life, in health, career, and activities-wise. I am happy and in a good place in my life. I am fulfilled because I choose a relationship with Christ which is the foundation of my life. As a United States Iraq War Veteran, I have served my country well, and I am now an Author and Youth Speaker. I am happy, and content and my kids see their dad working hard to provide for them and show them what the American Dream is all about. The life of a single parent is great because the life of a parent is developing their kids in the most fun-loving environment and I AM THAT PROUD SINGLE PARENT!

I choose the positive, over the negative because I love being a single parent!

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  • Stephanie July 12, 2018 at 2:06 am

    You are a great father. Wish I could go back in time and inspire my children the way you did.It makes my heart hurt because I thought I was being a good Parent by puttin husband first. I was so wrong and my kids are really damaged.

    God says

    Ephesians 5:22-24 – Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
    He (exhusband) was an emotional abusive narcissists and wasn’t aware of it until recently as I read and find healing in other single mom’s stories.I can’t go back, damage is done my oldest is also a narcissistic and he is physical,mentally and verbally abused everyone around him!
    What you do for these young people is so very inspiring!
    God bless you! I will pray you keep your strength. If you need volunteers for anything I wouldn’t mind…maybe I can help someone else’s

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