• March 2, 2018

More Than a Parade

More Than a Parade

At the end of Desert Storm, I was just a high school kid when America had our last military parade under former President George H.W. Bush! The patriotism was exceptionally high, and America inspired future generations of Americans, like myself, with this American Salute to our service members. It truly inspired me to want to serve in our Armed Forces, which I eventually would do. I served in both the United States Navy in 2001 and United States Army in 2006. Both times I enlisted and each time I was as motivated to wear the uniform of my respective service branches. I am so proud of our 45th President, Donald J. Trump, for his leadership which continues to inspire more generations of young Americans to show the value of our nation’s highest honor, the volunteer military. We all should be proud of our men and women in uniform and never place a money tag to their service and our way of life. We should not be afraid or shield the force and power of our military. Our nation is the leader of the free world, and when we look to our military to defend our freedom, we should celebrate in their honor.

I can also remember as a kid watching the United States Marine Corps Marching Band and being in awe of their uniforms and the way they march together as a unit. In boot camp, I took marching very seriously and I loved it. Serving in the military was the highlight of my life and helped me understand that my life was more than just me.  It taught me about the core values of both the Navy and Army. Many soldiers and sailors gave pride to the way they wore their uniform, polishing their boots. It is fitting that President Trump has ordered the Department of Defense to begin the planning stages and reinstate this incredible idea of a military parade. Our men and women deserve this salute for their hard work and determination to defend our American Flag and way of life. Some people are against the idea of the American Military Parade. You have people who do not like President Trump, therefore that is their reasoning for not wanting the military parade because they just don’t like him, and then you have the budget hawks of Congress, who are against the military parade due to cost, and finally, you have those people who are against the military parade because they do not feel that America needs to show off our strength and power.  They see this as the military parade showboating, as they call it in the southern part of the US. The most important part is that most Americans I know, want to see the military parade move forward and support our troops. Now the mainstream media has shown polls, that say Americans do not want the military parade showcase, and the mainstream media does not like President Trump and their media ratings reflect just that. In the end, it should not be about me or you, the focus should be on supporting our military men and women in uniform.

“It truly inspires me to want to serve in our Armed Forces which, eventually I would do”

To honor our military is also to honor the brave soldiers who have gave up their lives to protect our union and defend our American Flag.  Those are the soldiers who deserve the military parade and salute. I believe President Trump made the right decision with this incredible idea. Our youth generation needs to see the value of freedom, what the cost of freedom details, and the soldiers that defend that freedom every day. The youth generation of America are our brightest and they are our future, and many of them will wear our American Military Uniform from our branches of services, United States Army, United States Navy, United States Air Force, and the United States Coast Guard, our entire Armed Forces! Semper Fi….


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