• September 21, 2017

The American Dream

The American Dream

How do we as American citizens determine the value of the American Dream? I believe it comes from what we experience day to day within our families in a special place called home. My late father taught me and my brothers the value of the American dream of home ownership, buying land, building your own home. To him, that was the American Dream. It was an incredible experience to see my late father buy our own home, move us out of the projects, and into the suburbs! To see the concrete foundation solidify, the framework going up, and the entire structure coming together, will be an memory I will never forget. 

So as I raise my kids, I want to give them the upraising experience of the American Dream to buy land and build your own home on it. It’s unforgettable! This life I am living is incredible with ups and downs, but the positive always outweighs the negative. I don’t give up, I don’t quit, I keep fighting for every inch, and now I am about to give my kids the experience of living the American Dream, because it looks like yours truly is close to buying my family our very own newly built home! What a journey this has been for my kids and me. 

I don’t give up, I don’t quit, I keep fighting for every inch…”

We moved to Peoria, Arizona from the southern Phoenix area of the valley, after I had to short sell my home after the bubble crisis of 2008. I was a newly single full-time dad, and I was still getting into the comfort zone of being a single parent, struggling to take care of my kids. I could no longer afford to own my home, so I short sold my home and I moved us into a rental home, wondering if I would ever be a homeowner again. I spent so many years of working hard to find the right path to success. I wanted the best for my kids. I was motivated to give that experience of living the American Dream. My faith in God was strong. We had an inspiring moment when I would walk them to the bus stop as we watched a home being built from the foundation on up. We watched the concrete being laid and the wood framework being built up. I saw the awe on my kids’ faces during this moment of excitement in seeing their home being built. Every day something new was being added to this home and my kids were so happy to see each inch of this construction. It inspired me to do everything in my power to position myself to buy our own home. 
Well, that reality has come, and it looks like the purchase is going to work out. To give my kids the wonder and happiness of watching our home being built is a joy and honor. What are you doing to experience the American Dream? In a free society, the moving towards American Dream is a great opportunity to inspire your family and your life! #StrivingForGreatness #MAGA #VAHomeLoan #Veteran #TrustingGod


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