• August 24, 2017

Meeting the President of the United States of America!

Meeting the President of the United States of America!

It was September 10, 1987. I was a middle school student at Highland Oaks Middle School in North Miami Beach, Florida. It was an amazingly beautiful morning and South Florida was buzzing all across the airwaves of the radio and tv stations, and newspapers were selling like hotcakes. President Ronald Reagan was arriving in town to meet with Pope John Paul. I was 12 years old. I had remembered President Reagan vividly from his State of the Union addresses to Congress and his address to the nation about the Challenger shuttle disaster that killed all of our astronauts including a school teacher. It was a sad day in America, and President Reagan was lifting us up as a nation. I said to myself, it would be cool if I ever got the chance to meet the President of the United States. I never imagined it would happen in my lifetime, but I thought about it a lot, all through the 90’s during President Clinton’s time in office, during President Bush’s term, when I served in the United States Navy. When I started the Change Youth Project, a directionless youth program to help reach our youth generation like they’ve never been reached before, I was hoping to share my program with President Obama. 

Travis Angry/Author/Youth Inspirational Speaker/Founder of the Change Youth Project with
White House Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller
Author/International Keynote Speaker Melissa Hull Gallemore

Then, I made the decision to support and join millions of Americans in supporting the Trump Campaign. On July 12th, 2015, I decided to go to my first Trump Rally, it was absolutely amazing, I heard Presidential candidate Donald Trump address a packed crowd of over 10,000 Arizonians, who had come from all over Arizona, from Tucson, from Prescott. I met Hope Hicks who was Mr. Trumps Press Secretary and Corey Lewandowski who was Mr. Trump’s Campaign Manager at the time. I got a quick picture taken with Mr. Trump at the rally, but he was ushered quickly away by his security guards. In the two years since then, I established new friendships, created new bonds, and joined a mission to help Presidential Candidate Donald Trump win the election on November 8, 2016. I became a Precinct Committeeman, I was a Christian Conservative, I made phone calls, I was highly active on social media helping to drive Mr. Trump’s message to undecided voters. So when they called victory for Mr. Trump as the new President-Elect, I was over the top with joy and happiness in my heart. A new beginning had begun and so it did. My life as a Veteran became better as my VA Claims were being processed and approved in a timely manner. My appeals have processed to the point of actual decisions being made and implemented. As a Veteran battling cancer, the VA Choice Program has been a godsend for my care and management. 

After such an amazing turnaround in my treatment as a Veteran, I just wanted to thank President Trump.

The Beast!

After such an amazing turnaround in my treatment as a Veteran, I just wanted to thank President Trump. Well that dream has come about because of two amazingly special people, Lynn Patton, who had worked for the Eric Trump Foundation as an Executive VP, and is now the Director of HUD for New York/New Jersey Region and has done an outstanding job for Secretary of HUD, Dr. Ben Carson. And the main person that helped this dream come true was Lara Trump, wife of Eric Trump. She and I are friends because of Lynn Patton, and she has been nothing but amazing during my time battling cancer. Lara made the arrangements for myself and my friend Melissa Hull Gallemore, an incredible and beautiful woman, who has been nothing but spectacular during our time as friends. We both met President Trump at his recent rally on August 22, 2017 at the Phoenix Convention Center. I can now say that the highest honor of my life is that Melissa and I met President Trump, and he was nothing but gracious and down to earth as I shared with him how thankful I am for the VA Choice Program and his leadership in taking care of Veterans like myself.

I can now say that I have officially met the President of the United States of America! Bucket item crossed off my list!

Thank you Mr. President!



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