• August 1, 2017

Leadership in the Home

Leadership in the Home

The greatest title to given to mankind, has been to be called Mom and Dad. The life given to us all in God’s creation cannot be taken for granted. It is of utmost value to lead our families as parents. When I see families, it is such a joy to see the smiles on the parents’ and kids’ faces, at sporting events, church services, and schools across our world. The development of the child lies in the parenting of that child. Although challenges may come about, the reward is seeing your child succeed. We achieve a lot in our lives, and most of our success is more positive than negative.

When I research parenting in America, I feel that it relates to all sorts of leadership. In order to be a good leader, you must first become a good follower. I learned the value of leadership from my late father, who was a great leader. Yes, he made mistakes, but I never saw my father make excuses for his mistakes. He owed up to his mistakes and that made him a better leader.

Parenting isn’t about YOU, it’s about the life God has given you to care for and develop.

What type of leader are you in your home? Do you lead by example or do you allow others to lead your child for you? Parenting a child is a huge responsibility because God has given you your child’s life to care for and develop. I think the key words as parents for leadership are care and develop. Both of these words work hand in hand as a partnership in your parenting journey. If you cannot care for a child, then you cannot develop a child. If you are not developing your child, then you are not caring for your child. Consistency and communication also play major roles in the caring and developing of your child.

In our challenging world, the biggest hurt is seeing broken families. Both parents are divorcing and the kids are in the middle being torn apart. They sometimes become the referee because both parents sometimes allow anger and emotions to divide rather than coming together in wholeness. I witnessed this at my church recently. My daughter’s friend’s parents are going through a divorce, and their daughter was getting baptized, and rather than allow their love and support for their daughter to give her this time of love and support in her decision to follow Christ, both parents were verbally fighting in front of their daughter and it tore me apart to watch as both parents spoke badly about the other to me in front of their child. It was heartbreaking to watch this little girl feel so sad and confused. I hugged her and told her my daughter and I love her and that we are proud of her.

Parenting isn’t about YOU, it’s about the life God has given you to care for and develop. In the end, the child develops to the point of being released like the birds and animals, and they will go off and begin their journey of creating their own families. Will you as parents give them that positive roadmap for success? You can do it, step up to the plate and be that LEADER and be that life your kids need you to be, MOM & Dad


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