• January 8, 2017

The Youth of America

The Youth of America

In contemporary American society, the youth population faces significant challenges and struggles. From middle school to high school and into adulthood, adolescents are dealing with matters that may affect them forever, including skipping classes to dropping out of school, to feeling an absence of love at home, to getting pregnant. Each individual confronts these issues in different ways. Unfortunately, low self-esteem and involvement with drugs is often the outcome of these circumstances. Many young people lack direction and become part of a vicious cycle of self-doubt and negative consequences.

Why are our young people so lost? What has happened to the foundations of the homes in America? These questions require answers. I don’t have all of the answers, but I do have a story that can relate to these questions. As I began this journey 8 years ago, I had no idea that my story would be the center of this movement, but I am proud to be at the center because I have a strong passion and purpose to help impact our youth culture for positive change. I think it starts within the home. When the home is strong, then the individuals within the home will be strong. Well, why is this important? It’s important because everything starts and finishes at the home. The home is the basis for our lives. We eat, sleep, and clean at home. Without this foundation, we couldn’t live a good life. The other important aspect of our home, is that this is where the love, structure, and discipline should be developed. As a young kid, my parents did their best to model these components at our home. My parents did their best to raise four boys, and it was hard. They made mistakes like every parent does, but we still had a strong foundation to come home to. Today’s youth don’t understand the value of their lives because the home foundation is broken. I think the key to correcting this is that parents need to step up and be that role models for their kids and make sure that their homes are strong with a foundational front. Laws of the land, schools, aftercare programs, and governments cannot fix this problem. Only parents can correct this problem. We need moms and dads in homes and we need more spiritual growth within these homes as a strong foundation for success.

As an adult, when you look back on your own life and hear the word “childhood,” what do you think? Are you remembering happy moments with your family, spending quality time together, or do you dread these reveries because it was an unpleasant time of relentless teasing and abuse?

The perspective that you relate to the most gives you a glimpse into the world of how the next generation is being shaped.

Most people in our grandparents’ generation were from two-parent homes—with a dad working and a mom taking care of the family. Children were respectful and did as they were told. Dad was the head of the household, and reverence was given to that role. Today, we have a society drowning in chaos—filled with broken spirits and broken families.

The foundation of America starts with the foundation of our homes in making decisions that strengthen our families, respect our Constitution, that make us a better country and society. America is at a crossroads this general election season, as we choose our next president of the United States. The decision should be a no-brainer, because we need a strong leader. We need a leader who can help protect us by strengthening our military and respecting our veterans, highlighting women’s issues and with respect to bringing jobs back to America by reworking bad trade deals. We need Donald Trump. You can see his success through his kids. The apple does not fall far away from the tree. America needs to honor and protect its laws and not allow a Democrat candidate who thinks she is above the law.

The standards of America should be strong. This general election year, help strengthen your family home by making the right decision in choosing a government that will respect you, because always remember, you are a member of the foundation of America. God bless the United States!

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  • Sara Randolph August 7, 2017 at 9:16 pm

    I think the home has lost it’s focus. It should be the sanctuary from society’s storm, the embrace of family, the safety and security of shelter. Homes need Heaven’s blessings and those that live there to value peace, time, and the making of memories. Everyone is in such a selfish rush and what’s really important is sacrificed for some idea of success.
    Thank you for your thoughts Travis. I agree that we need to refocus on the home, it’s environment, and the spiritual, physical, and emotional health of those who live there.
    Blessings & Keep Writing! ~Sara

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