• January 8, 2017

The Oval Office

The Oval Office

Our last great president, Ronald Reagan, sat at this most powerful desk in the world. In the oval office sits the most powerful desk in the world. It is where the leader of the free world sits. America has been very consistent in electing the most incredible presidents through our long history of great leadership from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Harry S. Truman, who was the first president to integrate blacks into our Armed Forces. The presidency is the office that upholds the highest standards of America, and so I ask the question, is it acceptable in keeping with the standards that we the American people hold, to allow a candidate to run for office, who is awash in more corruption than any other in our history as a nation? What values have we thrown away? Do we still hold principles in our hearts? Is electing our first woman president more important than her breaking the laws of our land? Are we proclaiming that Hillary Clinton is above the laws of our land?

I love our country so much, that after watching the presidential debates this past General Election, I wanted to think clearly and hard about what is at stake in our country and where we are headed, or more importantly, where is God taking our nation? It takes a strong leader to lead our nation, and America chose President-Elect Donald J. Trump. He’s not a polished politician and frankly, that is absolutely refreshing. Leadership isn’t words; leadership is action, bold thinking, and compassion to lead people to follow you in a way that inspires us all. I am truly inspired by Donald Trump and it is clear the national movement of Make America Great Again is exactly what America deserves and needs.

We have 20 trillion dollars in debt, a Veterans Administration that is corrupt from the bottom to its top leadership and I as a Veteran have been terribly mistreated by the Veterans Administration. Our trade programs are counterproductive and you can see this demonstrated in our manufacturing industry. Coal in America is being attacked by the Democrats led by Hillary Clinton. Our health care program, namely Obamacare, is a disfunctional disgrace and President Obama is by far the worst president in the history of our nation, so horrendous that I am ashamed to call him a black man, because he’s forgotten about our black communities. Unemployment with black youth is almost at 50% so is there any wonder why these kids are protesting and joining Black Lives Matter? They don’t have jobs or responsibilities! We are failing our youth by not doing our part to give them a country they can believe in, and give them a country that isn’t drowning in debt, but has a surplus. Do you remember the last time our president and Congress signed actual budget legislation into law? It was under President George W. Bush.  It is disgraceful that our country has not passed a budget deal since George W. Bush! How can you run a country when you don’t have consistency in budgeting? That should set off alarms, but America, it is our fault. We are to blame, because we vote these politicians into office and we gave our first black president an opportunity, the community organizer, and look at the results! And now we are on the verge of voting for four more years of Shebama?

Our kids deserve a strong true leader and his name is Donald Trump. I am not looking for the perfect politician. I am looking for a strong leader, a non-politician, and great businessman who has run a successful company. Look at how beautiful our oval office is. Do you know what the Clintons did to our White House when they moved out?  (Research it!) They disgraced themselves, and Bill Clinton had the audacity to have multiple affairs in the back room of the oval office. I wish our young people would Google The Ken Starr Report and read about the details of how Bill Clinton disgraced the oval office with his sexual antics with Monica Lewinsky. It is our duty as Americans to hold our oval office to the highest standards and not allow the Clintons anywhere near our top office. It is up to us to educate our kids, it is up to us to get out the vote, it is up to us to help Make America Great Again.

“Leadership is not just in the eyes of the beholder, it is in the eyes of a true leader that inspires you to want to be greater within your own life.” – Travis Angry

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