Meet Travis Angry

Travis Angry, youth inspirational-motivational speaker, military veteran, and three-time cancer and transplant survivor, is the founder and CEO of the inspirational youth outreach project, The Change Youth Project. Travis’s vision for Change: If I Can, You Can® initiatives serves as a catalyst to give youth resources and life-long connections to help them deal with each and every difficulty—transforming them into positive life choices. His story of optimism and hope is shared at youth conferences, churches, schools nationwide. After overcoming his own struggles as a youth, Travis moved on to obtain a bachelor of science degree in business and public administration. Travis resides in Goodyear, Arizona, as a single father with his two children, Tatiyana and DeVante.

Travis Speaks

Travis has a message for our young people, one that is powerful because he has walked in their shoes. Travis made a number of wrong choices, dropped out of high school and associated with the wrong crowd before finally finding his way to discipline and success in the US Navy. After proudly serving his country, he returned to fight an even bigger enemy when he was diagnosed with cancer. He went on to graduate with his MBA from the University of Phoenix, a second enlistment in the Army, and is raising two beautiful children – and even faced another fight against cancer. This is a man who knows you must find the strength within.

speaking topics include:

A fast-moving, impactful speech covering the three major tenets of life and demonstrating how making it through each base (1st Base – Love; 2nd Base – Discipline; 3rd Base – Faith) leads to a Home Run!

Travis talks about the value of education and the necessary steps needed to succeed in an educational journey regard­less of challenges. Travis goes on to share poignant experiences he had while becoming a drop-out and transforming to a college graduate. Perfect for at-risk students of any age.

Bullying has become a growing problem within our school system. The root causes of bullying have to be discussed to find a solution. Ultimately, the value of respecting all life equates to the value of saving lives. Travis shares his story of being a bully and how he overcame this behavior by building self-confidence in himself. This story will touch bullies and their victims alike.

What is holding you up from succeeding in life? Maybe it’s the excuses that you place in front of yourself or the high expectations others have of you that may seem like too much responsibility. Travis shares how excuses held him back, and how taking responsibility for his life help him succeed and can help anybody.

The journey through life takes time and comes with many forks in the road. The foundation of life is Love, to sustain yourself through life takes Discipline, and the value of life is leaving a Legacy to inspire others. Travis takes his audience through a journey to discover what their Legacy of life is.

what people are saying?

CHANGE: If I Can, You Can®

is the detailed story of a man destined for as much turmoil as life can provide. Travis created his identity through childhood rebellion, dropping out of school, being in the military, fighting cancer, marrying, divorcing, raising children as a single father, obtaining a college degree, writing a memoir, and working as a professional speaker. Today, through his speaking and nationwide project, this story is at the heart of his mission: helping youth to overcome adversity and use hope as a tool for positive change. The Change Youth Project and book also address how parents and educators can serve as an important catalyst for creating a life of success.

As Travis states, “When our youth succeed at home, the community succeeds. When the community succeeds, then the city succeeds. When the city succeeds, the nation succeeds.”


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