• August 6, 2018

Letter to My Children

Letter to My Children

Dear DeVante and Tatiyana,

It has been ten years since you both have been living with me here in Arizona. We have had great times, fun times, enjoyable times, challenging times and rewarding times. First, I want to thank you for helping me to become a better dad, and for challenging me to be the best dad ever. The joy you have given your dad daily is amazing. To see you grow and develop the values, morals, and spiritual faith in God is truly a blessing. Your mom too has goals and dreams for you to succeed, and loves you unconditionally. When your mom and I first met, we both had goals for you both to love and respect each other. You both have made us proud.

You both will be starting Basis Goodyear in your perspective 5th and 7th grades. I am very proud of your outstanding behavior and good manners, and these are things I will continue to teach and instill in you both. Living in Estrella Mountain Ranch in Goodyear, Arizona has been amazing and fun with our new community and friends, and this will be our home for years to come. I know you both are excited to continue to see your friends and church members we call family at Christ Church of the Valley (CCV).

It is my goal that you will continue to grow and develop at school, church and in our community, which is an amazingly stable environment. My goal is to see you both continue to learn and make good grades in school, so that you, DeVante, can become that fighter jet pilot in the United States Navy, and for you, Tatiyana, to become that great US Army Nurse. It is truly an incredible feeling as both a Navy and Army Veteran to see both of my kids aspiring to follow in my footsteps of serving in our Armed Forces.

This year so far, you both participated in club sports. DeVante, you have taken on baseball this year for the first time in organized baseball, and you are such a good little athlete. Your coaches and teammates love you, and I look forward to throwing the baseball at the park and at the house. Boy do you have an arm and incredible swing at the bat. Tatiyana, my little princess, you are fast, and to see you develop your track skills is amazing. Your coaches and teammates love your toughness and good spirit. I cannot wait to register  you again with the Arizona Rising Suns Track Club next season to work on your track development.

Sadly, you both missed CCV camps this summer with your friends, and also Tatiyana I know you missed spending time with your best friend Summer, whom I know you love dearly. That will not happen again. I will make time to register you both, because growing your relationship with Christ, is of the utmost importance. Seeing you grow within your faith is an honor and I am proud of you. I love watching you read your Bible on your own. It is a blessing. You are truly growing into being a wonderful young girl of God.

Your mom is now living here, and it is my hope that you both will continue to develop your relationship with your mom, and that your visitations with her will help with your developmental stages in a positive way, allowing you to grow into a beautiful young woman and a little man of honor. Your mom loves you and she will always be your mom. I support what makes you both happy, and we both will always protect you and make good decisions together that will allow you to be the happiest kids in the world.

“The Change Youth Project, will forever shine because I will have the best kids in the world …”

For the past ten years, I may have made some mistakes along the way, and you have watched me take responsibility for my actions. You have seen your dad at his lowest points in life, whether that was financially or health-wise. You have seen me battle back and give us the best place to live in the Estrella Mountain Ranch Community. You have been by my side, as I have battled cancer, and you both were the only family I had during those tough periods. Today, I am healthy and stronger than ever after a successful stem cell transplant at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center. I have enjoy our time together this summer. Your dad will begin working out again at the gym to stay in shape, and yes, Tatiyana, next time I go running, you can run with me. I will also do my best, not to pinch your cheek.

My goal moving forward is to work hard to continue to build my career and my businesses, and finish my higher education, because you both know that your dad, is finishing his Master’s Degree, and will continue on until, I am Dr. Travis Angry. Setting the example for you both to follow is one of many parts of my love for you both. But leaving you with a legacy and a family business to continue to grow is our family goal. The Change Youth Project, will forever shine because I will have the best kids in the world to help inspire the youth of America through our family legacy. And showing love for others will be the light that continues to shine in our lives. Now, let’s look to today and the future and be a great family together! Daddy Loves You!

“Love is giving up something I value, in exchange for enriching someone else’s Life”. – Travis Angry

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