• July 20, 2018

Tribute to Mama Meg

Tribute to Mama Meg

She is truly the crown jewel of my life and my spiritual mom of guidance. I call her Mama Meg, but her real name is Meg Britton! The light at the end of the tunnel is her waiting for me and I appreciate all that she has done for me in encouraging, guiding, and praying for me to reach for my full potential in life. I met Mama Meg when I was a young soldier serving in the United States Army, stationed at Fort Carson Army Base, in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I was also a young married soldier and I had found a great church in the Northern part of the city call New Life Church, a large non-dominational church led by Pastor Brady Boyd. Mama Meg worked in the Family and Marriage Ministries Department of New Life Church and led a marriage counseling group that I had found for my former spouse and me, as we were struggling with our new marriage. When I first saw Meg and her husband Tim Britton standing at the entrance greeting couples as they walk in, I felt the connection immediately. I tend to drift off watching people, but this time somehow I could not keep my eyes off Meg and Tim because their marriage reminded me so much of my late parents marriage, the way they acted towards each other and the way they looked at each other.

Seeing Meg and Tim together, anyone would know they were a solid couple, whom you could learn from and that’s what I wanted. I wanted to learn and knowing how to make a marriage survive was what I was looking for. What steps could I take to lead my marriage in the right direction, was one of the questions I was wanting to ask, and I did, and she answered in the most gracious way.

Meg Britton is the most gracious woman I have ever met in my entire life. The way she walks is shown in her smile, her voice is of warmth and care, and her spiritual guidance is of the utmost importance to me. “The foundation of love is found in Christ Jesus,” she tells me, and her long-term marriage to Tim is the value I have chosen to follow. When my former spouse left me while I was on Active Duty Army, Mama Meg came and got me as I was alone in sorrow in an empty apartment in the west part of Colorado Springs, and she brought me up to her beautiful home in the mountains of Crystal Park in Manitou Springs, Colorado, as I cried and grieved with unbelievable hurt, Mama Meg was there for me. She took me with all this pain and helped me find Christ and found him I did. Some people deal with pain and suffering in many ways, some positive and some negative, but overall the pain is theirs. Mama Meg, helped me to work towards embracing the pain while moving towards God in the process of pain and grief. I was a lonely Army soldier for a long time and I did not have anyone in my life from my

unit at Fort Carson Army Base to my family on the east coast walking with me. There was only Mama Meg, along with her husband Tim. Both would talk to me from their home while I sat in my barracks late at night, encouraging me and praying for me. They were my heroes in my life, working together to help save a soul which was me.

“My faith in God is truly the beginning of my relationship with Christ, but God gave me the greatest gift in life by bringing Mama Meg into my life.”

When I came back in Arizona I was thinking I would never hear from my Mama Meg, not at all. But I received phone calls from her and Tim, as I began my second battle with cancer and when I lost both of my late parents to cancer. When I became a fulltime dad, it was Mama Meg who was always there for me. She treated me as if I was her son, because Meg never had kids, so I felt like her unofficial adopted son, and I accepted any role or relationship with Mama Meg, I just love her to pieces. I recently was reunited with Mama Meg in Colorado Springs and we saw each other, and it was like we were continuing a conversation  and seeing her connect with my soul. My kids got an opportunity to see Mama Meg, for they were only little when they saw her last, they were one and three, and now they are eleven and twelve. There was an immediate connection, which really made me happy. My kids would hug and sit by them and watch TV, help set the table, and get inspirational guidance to continue to walk with God. My faith in God is truly the beginning of my relationship with Christ, but God gave me the greatest gift in life by bringing Mama Meg into my life, for she is my angel that I know I can count on, that I can call, that I can speak to and smile and laugh with.

As we began to say our goodbyes to head back to Arizona, I had a special moment with Mama Meg. We looked at each other with that sense of connection that would never be breakable. See, Mama Meg was well known as the Executive Assistant at New Life Church. She talks with pastors and leaders around the world and has truly touched the hearts of America through her spiritual walk with Christ. I love you Mama Meg and you will always have a special place at the center of my heart. Thank you and God bless you and Tim. 

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – 

Jeremiah 29:11 New International Version (NIV)

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  • Tim & Meg Britton July 20, 2018 at 11:05 pm

    Travis, that was amazing and so very thoughtful! You truly are very special to me and I know to many, many others. Your children were such a delight as well. Tim and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with all of you, individually as well as all together. We pray that all goes well with you in your recovery and that Tatiyana and DeVante’ continue to do well in life. You have been a blessing to us as well and know that what we have sown into your life you will pass along to others. God bless you. Love, Meg and Tim

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