• September 18, 2016

The People’s House

The People’s House

It’s called The People’s House, where the representatives from across our nation gather to create and pass legislative bills, which affect our everyday lives in countless ways.

This election year, has seen 4 incumbents unseated by bright, everyday American citizens who are not career politicians. These oustings are evidence of checks and balances, not just between the three branches of government, but within our House of Representatives.
For the past 30 years, America has been on the decline as representatives have been caught in corruption scandals. Lobbyists and special interests hold more sway than the Constitution of the United States. How can America get back to the golden years that made us great in the first place? Its leadership must guide her back to the point of greatness. Many on the left may say that America is already great. Yes, America is great at the foundation of her creation. But tell that to the unemployed workers being laid off! Tell that to the military soldier who has no understanding about what he or she is fighting for! Tell that to the high school student who has never been shown what America stands for in this life time! Tell that to the doctor who has to close down the practice he’s had for over 30 years, because Obamacare has left him no choice but to retire early! Tell that to the college student who leaves his/her school with honors, but cannot find a quality job and is saddled with mountains of student debt! And tell that to the single parent who wishes there were more opportunities to continue the small family business.
It’s leadership that America lacks and it’s leadership that made America great in the first place, and it’s leadership in the present stage of this journey that America needs so very badly. One candidate, Hillary Clinton, has been placed above the law and if it weren’t for the support of the mainstream media, Hillary Clinton would have no standing in this Presidential race. It is the lack of journalistic standards in America that prop up a guilt riddled Hillary Clinton during this election season, (CNN) Clinton News Network represents her very well. The other candidate is a self-made billionaire, who has a very successful company, who has true love for America and has the leadership skills from the private sector that America needs desperately. When an outside candidate can receive the most votes in the Republican Party, that is HUGE!

Donald Trump’s message of “Make America Great Again” is really what America deserves at this crossroads. The House of Representatives is a key component in this matter, because if they do not support the candidate of their party, they must be unseated, starting with the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Mr. Trump will endorse Speaker Ryan, but that is a political move to keep the GOP establishment happy and satisfied. It is “We The People”, who should make this decision, and unseating these career politicians like Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain will send a HUGE message to America that we are serious.

America, are you serious about cleaning “House” in Washington DC? Then may I suggest you start at the United States Capitol and unseat these career politicians and wake up the mainstream media and show the world why America will become great again on November 8, 2016, I know I will. #TrumpPence16, #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, #AmericaFirst, #WeThePeople

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