• September 26, 2016

The American Education System

The American Education System


The American Education System has been on the decline. The numbers confirm this when you look at the new Fox News statistics regarding how our students rank in the world. America is a global super power, but is not super when it comes to investing in our kids and developing our youth so they can reach their highest potential for succeeding in the classroom and at home. Investing in our kids is not merely an investment of money, but primarily in the foundation of the home and providing our kids a strong foundation of love and hope. While on the one hand, America has the most powerful military in the world, when it comes to education America is ranks very low compared to smaller nations.

Although American society continues to grow and evolve, it is obvious that America lacks proper leadership, from the homes to the community and to our Federal Government. We have so far failed to curb federal legislation which mandated Common Core which has shown itself to be an utter failure. Our students do better with control from the local and state levels. When our federal government begins to impose its harmful overreach, it affects our students negatively and the results are only just beginning to manifest. If we do not change course, things will only worsen.

When I saw that American students were ranked 17th in the world when it comes to Reading, I was appalled. I could not believe it! This year with my son, I have worked very hard to make sure he reads 20 minutes every night before bed. Reading is the foundation of learning and many of our inner city kids are struggling with this basic learning skill. Then I see American students are ranked 19th in the world, I realize America has short-changed our future by not inspiring our kids. Since the space shuttle program was ended, and NASA’s budget was cut off, we haven’t sent any of our American astronauts to the moon. As a kid I was inspired by astronaut Neil Armstrong. I was in awe of him being the first human and American to walk on the moon. Sometimes it’s not just the education budget that can make a difference in the classroom and at home. It is seeing America reach for the skies and into space in developing new technology that inspires a nation including our students. My son came to me the other day and said, “Dad, I want to be a Navy fighter jet pilot.” I said, “Son you need to make sure your Math skills are high.”

I saw our American students were ranked 26th in the world when it came to Math. I did my research and realized that Reading, Science, and Math all go together, and that our students need to be consistent straight across the board when it comes to these subjects.

“For education starts at home, and ends at the home.” I say to the parents.

graduation2“We have to do better and make sure our kids are reading each night for 20 minutes, and that we are taking our kids to the youth centers, museums, and sports activities. Our kids need to dream big to experience the American dream. Both of my late parents were teachers and both had their PhDs in Education, so I know the value of education. I promised myself, I would never ask my kids to go to college, unless I graduated from college. I wanted to set the example at home. I wanted my kids to see their dad studying. I wanted my kids to see their dad making good grades, and most importantly, I wanted my kids to see their dad walk across the University of Phoenix stadium as a graduate of the University of Phoenix, where I obtained my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business/Public Administration. Parents, let’s take control of our kids’ education by encouraging them to read each night and making sure their educational foundation is strong at home.

Reference: Fox News Sean Hannity Show for statistics.

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