Introducing “Change If I Can, You Can”™

Are you a teen struggling with school, drugs, or a broken or abusive home?

Are you a parent or professional concerned with the difficulties and risks our youth face today?

Travis Angry, Inc., is launching “Change If I Can, You Can”™ an inspirational youth outreach project providing you with the support and resources to empower youth in making positive choices in the face of their many difficulties.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to create a global platform of multi-media, social, educational and non-denominational faith based resources for youth and their family that inspires, supports and encourages. We believe that everyone has value, every voice has worth, and no matter the past – every person can change.

Our Vision:

To become the leading provider of educational, entertainment, and research content and events related to youth empowerment, self-esteem and other advocacy issues. Through our publishing, movie production, conferences, and magazines – we will create experiences that enhance the lives of youths in a positive manner, while providing educational resources and tools to create more cohesive families and communities. Our foundation will create cutting edge research into the biggest problems facing our tweens, teens, and young adults and help us to continue to develop programs we can deliver through our various entertainment venues, building a first-of-its kind echo system of commerce, entertainment, education, research and philanthropy that is all focused on helping to ensure the next generation of our world is secure in who they are.


“What a beautiful morning to thank God and make a difference in someone’s life…maybe guiding a kid in the right direction, or thanking a soldier in uniform, or sitting down with a senior and being an ear. Life is so great – why not make a positive difference in your own life too.”
- Travis Angry